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Welcome to Eye Facility Managent

Aiming at the effective management of the design, control and operation of your facilities, we provide you with quality services, following the technological developments.

We create a safe and efficient work environment, enhancing the effective operation of each company, respecting its needs and meeting the requirements of each customer individually.


At Vigilance Facility Management we offer you a complete system of services, giving reliable solutions to your business needs, with speed and continuous support. With our many years of experience and our specialized staff, we guarantee you the perfect result of our services.

Soft Services

Services and solutions tailored to your needs, with respect for the environment, through the creation of a safe and healthy working environment.

Hard Services


Effective services that reduce both the risks and the maintenance costs of your building facilities, while maintaining your professional image.

Catering Services


Catering services that combine the excellent quality of raw materials, with the use of modern machines and our highly trained staff.

Security Services


Services that provide you with security solutions, using technologies exchanged in its report today for complete protection against any risk.


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