Catering Services

Eye Facility Management is by your side in the field of catering services.

Taking care to combine the excellent quality of raw materials, with the use of modern processing machines. Our staff is trained and sensitized on issues of health interest, offering safety and gaining your trust.

Catering Management

Guided by quality at every stage of service, from the preparation of raw materials to the provision of software applications, we offer comprehensive support that leads to the successful management of each restaurant.


We create menus based on your needs, through a wide list of options that we suggest. Always having selected raw materials, with high nutritional value, we design together the meal plan that will suit your profile, adhering to strict quality control criteria at all stages of their creation.

Event Support Services

We are by your side in every special business moment. The detailed design combined with the experience and flexibility, the right choices of space and time and of course the high gastronomy, are prerequisites for success for any kind of event that you will trust us.

Providing Vending Machines

In our effort to satisfy your every need, we offer vending machines and coolers of bottled water and mains water, with advanced features such as ergonomic design, anti-theft systems, easy programming. Gain a comparative advantage by providing standard products and beverages, but also by the unique provision of healthy food through our vending machines.



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