Hard Services

EYE Facility Management stands by you in the field of Hard Services.
EYE Facility Management stands by you in the field of Hard Services. Our main goal is the smooth and uninterrupted operation of your building facilities, through the provision of services that reduce both risks and maintenance costs. The result is the creation of a safe environment and the maintenance of the professional image of your buildings.

Technical Maintenance of Buildings

Experienced professionals, with excellent technical training, take care of the preventive and repressive maintenance of your building facilities. Studying your needs together, we prepare your own preventive maintenance program, both of the electromechanical equipment (E / M) and of the general building equipment. The presence of a technical consultant, gives you the opportunity to provide technical reports and performance indicators, while always being by your side to deal with emergencies.

Renovation of Business Premises

The aesthetic configuration of the green spaces and their parallel maintenance and preservation, is achieved through a specific plan prepared by our carefully selected agronomists and is done with the help of our workshops, which consistently implement the set schedule given to them. The prudent management of water resources for the benefit of both the customer and the environment, are an integral part of the maintenance program of your environment.

Shipping Services & Relocation

We offer you a complete project budget cost and project implementation schedule, making your relocation and transition to your new environment more comfortable than ever. Taking into account the nature of your business, in order to balance your expenses, we provide you with a set of support services, from finding your new property to completing your relocation.



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