Security Services

The many years of professional experience of Eye Facility Management, in matters of security, enables us to offer you complete security solutions, providing you with real security.

Manned Services


Static Security: The certified and highly trained security staff of EYE Facility Management, immediately takes care of the safety of both you and your staff, as well as your facilities. With constant vigilance twenty-four hours a day, with constant control and with the continuous evaluation of the security staff, through trainings and simulation scenarios, we aim at the perfection of our services.

Port Security:  Based on the implementation and compliance required by the International Code for the Safety of Ships and Port Facilities (ISPS CODE), we provide security services at Port Facilities, designing effective compliance strategies.

Safety Studies:Specialized Security Consultants undertake to prepare security plans, vulnerability, with a parallel assessment of risks and risks (Risk Management), which meet the specific needs of each installation.

On-Board Patrol: With the assistance of a reliable fleet of security vehicles, daily security checks are carried out at multiple points. The control is done with the use of modern and innovative QR Code technology and with the use of a smartphone, allowing the direct communication of the fleet security personnel with the Control and Event Management Center of the company. The checks that are performed are both regular and predetermined as well as extraordinary, as well as immediate intervention checks after a phone call or receiving an emergency signal.

The services of the on-board patrols (patrolling) are coordinated by the Control and Incident Management Center of the company, which organizes, supervises and ensures the smooth communication between the security staff, the competent authorities and the Security Officers of our customers.

Complete Security Solutions


Event Control and Management Center (24/7):

After the study of a space and the installation of the security system, it is especially important to monitor it, its proper operation and its proper handling.

Thus, EYE Facility Management has manned under conditions of special security (shielding, air conditioning, television circuit, electricity autonomy, ventilation), a fully automated Central Station, equipped with special computers, Micro Real Time and Special Accounts Software.

The Incident Control and Management Center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a year to coordinate and monitor the work of security personnel and depending on the needs that may arise or the event that may arise, has the ability to :

  • It mobilizes any competent authority needed, depending on each alarm signal it receives, while informing the subscriber wherever he is, before and after each procedure.
  • It raises the patrol vehicles of the company’s fleet.
  • Controls ON / OFF operation, in systems, whose operation has been assigned to third parties or employees (branches, banks, etc.), creating monthly reports and recording the days and hours of their operation.
  • Controls and implements a series of electronic security mechanisms of specialized systems throughout Greece (remote controls, alarm confirmation signals, video recording areas-C.C.TV).
  • Submits a written copy of the actions followed by the Center (via PC), in real time, following a relevant request of the Subscriber.

Signal Reception Center – (SRC):

The Vigilance Facility Management signal station is one of the most modern and dynamic units in the field of electronic monitoring and protection of installed alarm systems. Our central station, with the most modern machines at its disposal, makes full use of the alarm system that is installed in the subscriber’s area.

The machines of the central station are also supported by a computer network with a similar special support program, which in combination with its experienced and specialized staff, process with speed and responsibility the signals it receives.
The telephone lines of the station to which the subscriber alarm system is connected are digital and concise, thus eliminating any communication problem and minimizing the communication time between the alarm and the center.
Upon receiving the signal, the experienced operators of the Signal Reception Center take the necessary steps, such as immediately notifying the authorities and informing the subscribers.

Security systems


Our company invests in new technologies and specializes in research, design and installation of high-tech security systems, utilizing its many years of experience and the potential it has.

The range of products it offers includes:

  • Central Alarm Panels,
  • Wireless Systems,
  • Fire Safety Systems,
  • Electronic Sirens (Simple and Self-Powered),
  • Telephone Selectors,
  • GSM/GPRS Interfaces,
  • Glass Breaking Detectors,
  • Motion Detectors (PIR and Microcytic),
  • Closed Circuit Television,
  • Digital Video Recording and Transmission Systems (DVR),
  • Access Control Systems (Access Control),
  • Perimeter Protection Systems.

Special Software Applications Programs

PR-GUARD SYSTEM (Professional Guard System):

PR-GUARD, is an online surveillance and patrol monitoring system, which enhances the efficiency of security systems and provides the effective ability to improve the quality of services provided to our customers.

PR-GUARD incorporates essentially all the key features of an intelligent guard and patrol monitoring system:


  • Creating areas and connecting to checkpoints.
  • Receive SOS alerts and immediate help.
  • E-mail alerts for early, late or missed checkpoints.
  • Send incident reports to customers or control center.
  • Control patrols remotely and in real time.
  • Recording of all events and problems that arise by region.

PR-GUARD integrates sophisticated and innovative applications


Web App: The Web application allows us to add and process all the relevant information related to the roles of users-Administrators, Patrol Officers, Supervisors, Guardians, Customers-of the system, while at the same time, we have full control over incident reports, locations and infrastructure, checkpoints, security guards and staff.

Μοbile App: The completion of the patrol and the updating of the Control Center for every action, is now possible through the smartphone. In addition to sending simple events, we can also integrate multimedia files, such as: text messages, images that we can “capture” during the patrol, audio messages via audio recording from the smartphone. All the above can be “certified” with integration of the signature of each person in charge per storage area.

MARS – Mobile Phone Security Management: Using M.A.R.S, we can receive real-time event reports (without the need to press refresh), just as they are happening. The application is an effective and direct way, to have full control of our activities, twenty-four hours a day (24/24) and seven days a week (7/7), receiving reports quickly and effectively, on the condition of the guards and the areas they monitor.

PTT – Push to Talk: Push To Talk communicates via secure and advanced SSL encryption, which ensures that all communications are secure. Communication is two-way with simultaneous receiving and sending of voice messages while the respective users are talking. At the same time, the background mode runs in the background, thus leaving the user free to work in parallel with other applications, while providing the possibility of group chat and automatic reconnection in case of lost connection.

ModeMan Down: When a security guard hits, slips, etc., due to an obstacle or danger, resulting in his fall, a Man Down alert is automatically sent to the Control Center for immediate action. This function is based on the use of a sensor, which is placed in the guard uniform and sends the signal to the mobile in case of a fall.

Destruction of Data & Files

An innovative program for managing and destroying data and files, both in printed and electronic form, comes to fill the gap in the safe destruction and management of sensitive data and files.

We ensure the deletion, demagnetization of any electronic data storage medium, excluding any leakage or retrieval of information. At the same time, the data that is in printed form, with the use of special machines, is cut and destroyed in such a way that you prevent their reproduction in any way. Our well-trained staff, upon completion of its work, proceeds to issue a report, with all the necessary information, such as date of destruction, description of storage medium and data, method of destruction that prove the safe process of destroying data and files.



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